Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wow I have an 8th grader.

It's amazing to me sometimes to look at this picture and realize my baby girl is not so little anymore.

This summer my daughter Brinn turned 13. A major milestone in life, she stepped into the world of teenagers in just a few short years she'll be getting ready for college and moving into a whole new chapter. But I still have 5 more years for sure of her at home.

I'm proud of my daughter. She is kind loyal loving and has a compassionate heart. Her faith is growing more and more and she makes choices with that in mind. She's not ashamed to call herself a Christian and say she loves Jesus.

We have a strong bond and I truly enjoy her and the friends she has. They make me laugh.

Now don't get me wrong Brinn isn't perfect and her dad and I are far from the perfect parents. Brinn is a lot like me so we know what buttons to push. Her room is messy and she doesn't have much interest in changing that. She's sensitive and gets her feelings hurt easy so my joking around or sarcasm can hurt her feelings. But we learn and forgive.

So I pray for my daughter as she grows. Wisdom to be a good and Godly parent. For her to be safe and to grow and continue to deepen her relationship with Jesus and for her future. School marriage and friends.

I know God is watching over us He always has.

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