Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank you Dad! Thank you to our soliders!

This is the day we all need to remember that many of the men in our life, and the lives of others served to keep our country safe. I share with you a picture of my dad Donald R. Anderson. This is during WWII. My dad would have been in his early 20's. Separated from all the comforts of home, he was stationed in Greenland, I believe.

My father served in WWII and the Korean War. My dad spent a total of 4 years in Korea some prewar, where he left my mom shortly after they married, and then when my brother's and sisters were little. Dad spent 20 years in the Army, traveled with and without his family, and retired a couple years before I was born. He was a Cheif Warrent Officer in charge of weapons. This means he and his men followed the front line and supplied the with the weapons they needed to do their jobs, it also means he came upon the aftermath of all the battles. The position my father held, gave him a blood disordered, brought on by exposure to improperly contained chemical weapons. (yes they had them back then) This blood disease contributed to his early death. So in a different way he gave his life for our country.

My father in law, served in the Viet Nam War, which I'm sure has left many memories to contend with for him. My brothers, and two nephews have all served in the military. Some during peace time, and my one nephew recently out of the Army in Iraq. I have cousins who's sons have served in both Iraq, and Afghanistan, one of them gave his life in Iraq. Brinn's best friends brother is now preparing to be posted in Iraq, and we pray for his safety. Many friends, and their children are serving our country and I can not express the gratefulness I have for them and their families for the sacrifices made by them.

I hear a lot of negative talk about this country, and yes we need to pray for our country. God has richly blessed this nation, and by His grace and mercy he has allowed us to live in a nation that is about freedom, and that freedom is upheld by God, and our soldiers. So despite your opinions on politics, or the war, please remember to lift up our soldiers and their families in prayer, they give up so much to protect us. Many miss the birth of their children, seeing first steps, hearing first words, wedding aniversary's, birthdays, holidays, or saying goodbye to a loved one when their time on Earth is done. They need our love, they need to know we care for them, when you see one tell them thank you. Ask them if you can have their name to pray for their safety. Let them know they are not forgotten.

Thank you to all the men and women out their who either serve in our military or have a loved one who does. May God protect and cover each and everyone of you with his mighty hand, and give your strength, courage, and peace.


Friday, May 22, 2009

I'll be back soon my friends.

(photo by me)

Hi to all my peeps in blogland,

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still here and all is well. We've just hit one of those times where life seems so busy that you never have time to sit, and do much of anything. Wow and summer hasn't even started.

I'll be posting an update with many photos, soon very soon. I miss my blog buddies, I miss reading my study, and I miss reading all my friends blogs.

Okay enough whining. I have my Jesus, and he's blessed our family with some mighty love these last 3 weeks.

So stay tuned. I'm nearing my 100th post, and there maybe a give away coming up.

Be blessed my friends.