Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Has it really been 7 years?

Today is the 7 year anniversary of mine and Brett's first date. Seven years ago Brett came over to have dinner with Brinn and I. Brinn was a little more than 2 1/2 years old. I'll never forget thinking why would this young buck, then just 22, want to spend time with a 36 year old single mom. I had totally missed all the clues of him hinting around that he was interested in me. When he finally just came out and asked me, my first question was do you have any idea how old I am, because I knew how old he was. He guessed a lower age, and when I told him, he said doesn't matter to me. Then I said you realize I have a 2 year old, (that should scare him off I thought) I like kids he said. Then I told him that my daughter is always with me her bio father only sees her about twice a month for a few hours. He said that's okay with me. So I gave him my phone number, and after some long phone conversations, I figured I'd invite him for dinner to see what my life was like. He'd either leave and never come back, or he'd stick around.
So he came for dinner, not a very good one at that, and we had fun talking and he even endured Brinn's first year scrapbook (now that's a boy that wants to impress). The next thing I knew he was over all the time. Brinn took her time with him, and she made it very clear to him that I was her mommy, and sharing me was not something that she was going to do easily. Brett patiently waited for her to grow comfortable with him. Brinn discovered things that she'd look forward to Brett being over to do, and slowly grew closer and closer to him. So here we are 7 years later a family of 3. You just never know what plans God has for you.
I thought I'd share a picture of Brett and I at his mom's house on our first Thanksgiving together. My other pics were taken with film, and are in a scrapbook, so this was taken with my first digital camera.
And of course you have to see a picture of Brinn, around the same time. She wasn't quite sure what to make of the man eating dinner at our house that night. The only men that ate with us were her Uncles, so she spent most of the first night just watching him.

She's a quick study and learned pretty quick how to charm Brett and had him wrapped around her little finger with in a couple of months. Seriously who could say no to that face.

But at you can see by the time our first Christmas came they were growing closer together, and she'd even taken to calling him daddy Brett. Brett asked Brinn if he could marry her mommy on Christmas Eve and that's when we got engaged.

I never anticipated meeting someone and getting married again, in fact I was actually pretty content being single and just lovin on my sweet Brinn. God however had different plans, and I'm so glad that God didn't let my plans get in the way. God has blessed me with such a wonderful family. My heart rejoices at how much we've grown as a family, and how much God's love fills our home.



VAWM said...

Awesome story Carol! Many many more years of happiness to you!

Paula said...

Just lovely Carol and thank you for sharing it with us. God does have plans for us solo mummies and thankfully they include wonderful men of God like we have. I pray that you have many more years together. xo

grey like snuffie said...

How sweet...I love this post...YEAH God!

Connie said...

Hi Carol...I'm so glad I had time to catch up with you today. You are a blessed girl. In the doesn't matter the age but that you like each other and want to be together. I'm glad you and Brinn found Brett. Conne

Laura said...

I love to read your love story, Carol. What a sweet man you have! Rejoicing with you at the closeness you all share now.

Tammy said...

Happy Anniversary!

What a beautiful story.What a beautiful family. God is so good!

love and hugs~Tammy