Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekends Never Go As Planned/Work, Health & updates and Prayer Request

First I want to let everyone of my blogin friends, just how truly blessed I am to have met you all, my life has been enriched, and God has used you in so many ways in my life to draw me closer to Him. Thank you for all the constant up lift in prayers, and beautiful comments you leave me. Just wanted you to know.

Well you know those weekends where you think you've got it all planned out and it turns out everything changes. Yep we've had one of those.

Friday turned out that Brinn got invited over to a friends to play after school, Brett already had plans to have a friend come over and watch one of their guy movies in the theater room. So instead of hanging at home, I thought cool I'll get my grocery shopping out of the way, and I can do it by myself. (I like going by myself, no one asking for this or that just get my list and go). So after I got home from the store, I headed over to my daughters friends. They live 3 streets behind us so I walked. It was about 8pm. Our other friends were there so we hung out and talked, next thing you know it's 10pm. It wasn't planned but it was fun.

Saturday morn, Brinn was up as usual and I got up around 8:30, then Brett about an hour later. Things seemed fine, we were planning to go visit our mom's after I got back from my WW meeting. While I was having my tea, Brinn says mom my shoulders really hurt, so I rubbed them. Then she says her forehead hurts like she banged it, and she was cold. Now Brinn is rarely cold, this is a girl who would wear flipflops and shorts all year round, and her idea of a winter jacket is a sweatshirt. Brinn is also notorious for spiking fevers out of no where, but the checked the thermometer and so she covered up with 3 blankets. Brett sent me to my meeting. When I left the meeting called home and yep she had a fever, 100.3. Stop at the store pick up some supplies and head home.

I sent Brett to visit his mom and his Grandma. Brett's grandma was in the hospital on Thursday she has ephasima and she's 84, and the ephasima is getting worse. Brett went over and had lunch with his mom, and then spoiled his Gma as he calls her with her favorite things.

Brinn's fever went all the way up to 103.6, and we had one stomach incident involving Gatorade fruit punch. And she slept on and off all day Saturday and Saturday night. So no church this morning and on and off fevers. She's on the road to feeling better, she's at about 101.00 and Tylenol seems to do the trick. Guess I'll be home tomorrow and lovin on my girl.

It's funny whenever Brinn gets sick I go back when she was a baby. It's just me and her, she wants cuddles and to be fed. With 103 fever she really is a bit wobbly so I indulge. She curls up on my lap, and falls asleep. I can't help but love it, and soak in the comfort of being able to protect her, and that she thinks I'm the best mom in the world. I realize the fact is it won't be long before she won't be able to fit in my lap and all the things that make her sad I won't be able to fix. I pray over my her all the time for the Lord to keep a hedge of protection around her.

Now I have a prayer request for Brett's grandma his mom called and she had to go back to the hospital again, she's having severe trouble breathing. We are comforted by Grandmas relationship with the Lord, and we don't know anymore than that are keeping her overnight. So right now we just ask for the Lord to comfort her, and for doctor's wisdom in treating her.

I want to thank all of you for your prayers regarding my work meeting. It did turn out well. Working for a company as small as ours, there can be some interesting tension. People tend to complain to each other then it filters around becomes gossip, and then blows up out of proportion. That's what was happening. But I soaked in God's word, and prayed to have His will, and His words and the meeting actually ended on a good note.

On another note, God has also answered the prayers offered for me regarding my health. In the 8 years since I've been diagnosed I have had the best test results I've ever had. Praise God!

So I hope all of your weekends were blessed.



Jen Mc. said...

Keefe & Elle had the stomach thing last week, and I think Keefe might have pneumonia now! So much going around!!! We missed our sweet Brinn in Sunday school this morning! Please tell her we hope she's feeling much better soon and that we're praying for her! :)

grey like snuffie said...

Rejoicing with you!!!!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Not what you planned for the weekend but seems our sweet Carol got some lovin....lovin she needed and deserved. How precious that when Brinn is sick it takes you back to the tender times of momma and baby.

Glad your health is well and work turned out fine.

Love ya,

Liz said...

Carol, I am sorry that Brinn got so sick, but aren't we blessed to be able to love on our babies? I am glad that she is feeling better, and I am glad that your meeting turned out well. I was victim of the tummy bug just last night, and still not right today. Anyway, even though my weekend went pretty much as I planned it, what I didn't plan on was how God used the plans. I blogged about it Saturday night in my post "So Full"
Love those weekends where God is in charge, huh?
Love ya!

Laura said...

You know what the proverb says, a man will make his plans but God knows the way...

I'm sorry your sweet angel has been sick and will pray a speedy recovery. Praying for grandma as well. Also celebrating on your great test results!

Love you,


MidniteScrapper said...

God is in control. Just like you put your arms around your baby, He will and does put His arms around you. We just need to crawl up on His lap! Hugs and prayers for you all.

Connie said... glad she's feeling better. I use these times as my times to slow down and rest with them. I know God uses that time to refuel me too. Glad for the answered prayer and that your health is so much better. Connie

Runner Mom said...

Hey,Carol! So sorry about your little one as well! I think we're on the mend here! He asked for and ate a cheeseburger and fries for lunch! He's sleeping now, so hoepfully, all is better! I'll keep y'all in my prayers! Bless your heart!


We had the blue gatorade!!!