Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Truth Heals Chapter 10 Finally.

It's time to start the new Yes To God Bible Study with Lelia over at Write From The Heart will be working through Self Talk Soul Talk by Jennifer Rothschild, but first I'd like to give you a few final thoughts on the last chapter of our last study Behind Those Eyes, by Lisa Whittle. Do to life circumstances I never got to finish the study with the rest of the ladies, but this book, the digging I did in my heart, and the incredible love support and new friendships I made I wanted to close it out. Plus I believe it was a great lead in to this next study.

The last chapter of Behind Those Eyes is Chapter 10 The Truth Heals. We started out with that The Truth Hurts, but through this process of looking behind all the masks and digging through some painful memories as well as admitting to pain I've caused others the final chapter title it true. You have to go through the pain to get to the healing.

Lisa wrote "Women, the truth does hurt: we are flawed...we are selfish...we are unlovely... and we are unworthy of the love of almighty God." That's all true I am everyone of those things, and that's a hard thing to admit, but thankfully the Truth doesn't end there. Lisa continues, "But fortunately for us, that is not the end of the story. There is more truth we should know. The truth is also that we are loved...we are accepted...we are wanted...we are important to God...and we are His beautiful creations. With that knowledge, strangely enough, the truth of our depravity now seems more like a gift than a curse. Together, these truths allow us to operate out of hearts of gratitude toward God and acceptance of ourselves so we can finally be the real us we were meant to be."

Have I found more truth about myself that has helped free me on some level? Yes, I am learning first to recognize who God made me to be, stripping off all those mask Ms. Perfection, Ms. Confidence, Ms. Happiness, and Ms. Spirituality caused me to look at who I really am, and not who I pretended to be and not who society expected me to be. Now I'm learning to embrace who God made me to be, and it's very freeing.

So who did God make me to be, well here is a bit of what I discovered. First I'm shy at first, but loyal to my friends. He's given me a compassionate heart for people who hurt, because he's brought me through many trials. I am not organized, or meticulous, and no matter how many day planners I buy I'll never look at them. I'm an artist at heart, and love to create. I am not good at networking (that's the shy thing) so I'm not signing up for any more multilevel marketing stuff. On the deeper side I've made bad choices, but now I'm learning that I don't have to define myself by those choices, because Jesus has wiped them clean and will use them in a positive way. The biggest lesson I'm learning is that the me I see in the mirror isn't the me that God sees. He sees my heart and He loves my heart, now He's teaching me to love that me even when the truth of the teaching can be painful God will heal me with the truth of Him.

Lisa listed some verses in the chapter that told us how much God loves us and told us to put our names in front of them. Doing that made them so personal I encourage your to do the same. Here they are, just remember to put your name in front of it. (I'm going to do a canvas with these for my daughter for her room) Carol, I love you so much that I took the time to create you. Gen 1:27, Carol, I love you so much that I desire to stay constantly connected to you 1Cor. 1:9, Carol, I love you so much that I know everything about you, even the numbers of hairs on your head. Matt 10:30; Luke 12:7, Carol, I love you so much that I forgave you for everything you have ever done. Ps 65:3, Carol, I love you so much that I died on the cross to save you. John 3:16-17, Carol, I love you so much that I am coming again to take you to a perfect place to live with Me forever. John 14:1-3

If you were not part of this study, I encourage you to read Lisa's book, I have my other thoughts on the chapters in the side bars and the things I've shared if you want to find out more of the journey I took through this book. Lelia, thank you for hosting this study and the faithfulness you had in leading it. Lisa thank you for answering God's call and for sharing so much of yourself in this book, and being a part of our study and the encouragement you gave through your comments. To all my new sisters I've made through Yes to God I love you all, your comments, love and support and prayers were felt. How I wish we weren't all spread all over the world. For now I'll send you all a big Cyber Hug.


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