Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wow it's Been So Long

It's been so long since I was able to actually sit and write I had to reread my last post to see what I said. So I'll give you a little catch up. My cold turned into a respiratory infection, and I was super sick. Thank you for all your prayers, God finally brought me through that, and I was able to go back and work.
Then the Friday before Thanksgiving, Brett hit his head and cut it on a breaker door panel, which turned into a concussion, so he had an extended vacation doctors orders. He was better by Thanksgiving.
We had a quiet Thanksgiving, went to my mother-in-laws and she made a yummy feast, then we stopped by and said hi to my sister.
We tried to avoid the shopping crowds on Black Friday, but we did venture out for a Christmas Tree and Brinn's annual Christmas ornament and Snow Globe. Target wasn't bad, but had no real good ornaments. So then we went to Kohl's wowsers, I've never seen a line so long, there were two that literally wrapped around both sides of the store and ended in the back. There is literally nothing I could find that would be worth the wait in a line that long.
So we did find the new ornament this year at of all places Longs Drug store, good old Hallmark ornaments, we've got Snoopy and Woodstock on a gingerbread version of Snoopy's dog house.
Then it was off to get the tree. It's not big but we had fun decorating it. Here's a few pictures of the decorating. The beads Brinn is wearing have become a tradition. When Brinn and I had our first very own Christmas Tree she was about 18 months old, she found the beads and had them all over her. Now she models them every year for me. As you can see she really gets into the modeling.
Every year since Brett became a part of our Christmas he lifts her up to put on the tree top Angel, I'm not sure how long he'll be able to continue this, won't be long until she doesn't need a boost up.Here is our little tree in all it's lighted glory. I love to have the lights off and look at the tree.

So this is a bit of our Thanksgiving weekend. We are very blessed to have a home and the ability to get a tree. I've been feeling so thankful this year, the Lord has watched over us and blessed us so. My health is improving, my husband is growing in his faith and soaks in the scriptures. Our daughter is just a rey of light, it amazes us how she's starting to see the differences between the worlds view of whats okay and what God wants for her. We pray that she continues to choose God's view. I've made many new friends and we love our church.

My mom continues to heal, she had her stitches out today, and I'll see her this Saturday. Sadly my Auntie is loosing her battle with cancer and my sister and I are taking her over to see her for what is probably the last time. We will also see my Uncle so they will all be together. Please pray that there will be joy amongst the sorrow, and that Jesus will be seen and glorified.

To all my Yes to God Friends I'm working on my post for the last 2 chapters, sorry for the delay. I will be continuing to enjoy reading your blogs and praying for you, and can't wait to do the next study with all of you.


Paula said...

Hi Carol, it's great to see you back, and I loved reading this post. Made me pine for my sweetie, as it would be nice to spend a Christmas with him, but God has His plan and we shall be patient and wait on Him. My prayers go out for your aunt and I do hope that your mum's visit with her, and your uncle, is a joyful one in spite of the inevitable. I have 5 chapters to catch up on in the Yes to God study and am slowly reading through the chapters and will post a brief summary on some of the points I've highlighted. Now, I'm off to check out your bracelet! Good for you. I'm getting spoilt this Christmas with a Pandora charm bracelet, so I will make sure I take a photo of that to share. Love ya, Paula

Lily said...

sounds like you had a string of bad luck...glad things are back on track. Love the tree pictures esp daddy and daughter

VAWM said...

Carol, your tree is lovely. I like the bead pics alot. I have something similar to scrapbook with DS and lights. Girls wrap in beads, boys in electric lights! LOL!!! Have a wonderful holiday season.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Where have I been and how did I miss all your good posts?

That Brinn is something else, huh?

You've had a rough way to go, girl.

I emailed you about your trip to auntie. I'll wait for your reply.

Yet, another thing we have in common...I love the lights off and to look at the tree. I won't be putting up a tree this year and didn't last year. Maybe next year...
Love you bunches,