Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prayer Request/ Weekend Things

First things first, could you all pray for my mom. She just had surgery yesterday on her elbow. She broke the tip off of it two weeks ago, and had to have extensive surgery on it. The surgery went well, but now it's recovery time. Mom's 80, and has auditory aphasia from a stroke, so it's hard for her to talk to people she doesn't know. She sounded really nervous to about staying in the hospital. She doesn't really remember the time she spent in the hospital when she had her stroke. So I'm asking for prayer for healing, and comfort. Also for God to strengthen my sister who takes her to all these appointments, and for my sister-in-law Jill who will care for her at home, while she's homeschooling 3 kids. Thanks everyone.

Well I had been planning to have my study done, but that didn't happen. So I'll hopefully post tomorrow. This weekend was busy, but it was that kind of busy where your like now what happened. We had friends over for dinner Saturday night and watched a movie. The kids played so it was a just a good evening.

I got a call from my niece Amy on Saturday, and she had some time off school and wanted to know if we'd be around to come over and get some help on her Senior Year Scrapbook, and spend some time with Brinn. So she came over Sunday afternoon. We did one scrap page, she really is a talented scrapper she just needed a boost. I asked about her college app, she wants to go to a private Christian College, and was invited to the early application process. She done everything except the essay. She said she said she was having trouble transferring what was in her brain to the paper. So I asked her if she wanted help, since I can usually transfer my thoughts into words.

The thing I enjoyed was the conversation with her about why she wanted to go to this school, and how the foundation of the schools biblical ethics would influence her. She shared with me when Jesus became her savior, not just the chosen faith of her parents. All of the community service and outreach she's done, and how it had impacted her. We even talked about the election, and the challenges of being in the world but not of it. She also gave me some insight on areas that Brinn will struggle with that I never did as a teen. I got to share with her, and she knows that I've had a lot of sin in my life, but as she gets older it's easier to share more openly with her.

So we got through the essay, and I told her now you have some thoughts, but make sure you get someone who's actually applied for a college to proof it and fine tune it. I have no idea what the schools look for, my college career was trade schools more or less, and some community college thrown in. I think I probably was more blessed by it than she was. So if you think of it pray for Amy, she's getting ready to leave the nest and go into a very sin filled world. Pray that God holds her close, and she holds close to God and continues to grow in that faith.

Thanks, and hope to post my Yes to God study tomorrow.



Cindy said...

Hi Carol,

I sure will be praying for your mom ~ I assume she doesn't live in CA! My mom is having eye surgery on Monday ~ she is 72.

What a wonderful time you had with your niece. I'm sure she enjoyed it as much as you did. I love those kinds of moments with special family members.

Looking forward to your BTE post.

Laura said...

I'll be praying for your mom and your niece. Bless your mom's heart,it must be overwhelming for her. I loved reading about your time with your niece. It sounds like you are making a huge impact on this young ladies' life.
Can't wait to read your post on the study...

Naomi said...

Hi Carol! I will join in on your prayer requests. Bless your Mum! Your family all sounds as though they are rallying around her - that must be great comfort for her.

How lovely that your Niece, at the age she is, seeks you out and spends time with you! You must have beautiful bond.

I stamped scrapbooking pages today with a friend - it's such a lovely thing to do. But, my, did the day go fast... I barely got half of what I wanted to do done!!! But, it was fun never-the-less.

Hope you are feeling well. Blessings, Naomi x

Tammy said...

I will be praying for you and your family.