Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tagged by Connie

My friend Connie taged me, so I thought I'd play along, something a little light hearted after my recent posts.

So here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you. Connie that would be you.
2. Post these Rules.
3. Tell 6 Unspectacular Things About Yourself.
4. Tag 6 fellow bloggers.

So here are my 6 unspectacular things about me.

1. I love HGTV decorating shows, but hate the fact that I don't have a carpenter to build me all that furniture to stay in there ever low budget.

2. We have no bedroom funiture except for our bed. Explains why I watch HGTV and get bitter.

3. I'm always searching for the perfect purse, but have never found it.

4. I have an addiction to cereal, I could eat it 3 meals a day.

5. I hate folding laundry, and hate even more putting it away.

6. I love to scrapbook, but have never scrapbooked my wedding, it intimidates me.

That's it. So now I'll tag 6 fellow bloggers.... Victoria , Paula in Aussie, Paula Sweet Pea, Liz's Letters, Naomi, Tammy Leave me a comment if you come and play.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Cereal addicts, unite!

Tammy R said...

So much in common,love HGTV but can't decorate a thing.

I played the tag game and I didn't even sweat(-:

Lily said...

if I listed my unspectacular facts they would be very similar to yours--with furniture of course

Liz said...

What fun! No cereal for me...I am learning to like it. Ha ha! I love HGTV though and don't like to decorate! What is up with that anyway? LOL. I have about three different scrapbooks going. Fun stuff but intimidating and it takes SO long sometimes! It might be the same problem as the decorating deficit!


Connie said...

Thanks Carol for playing with me....I love HGTV too. Kathy Van Zeeland makes the perfect purses. Check her can find her purses for 1/2 price at Ross or Marshalls. I have a couple extra in my closet...send me your address if you want and I will send you one. I was going to give it away anyway. I love cereal too...ate it for breakfast everyday growing up and my mom always had a lot of different choices. Go ahead and scrapbook your matter what you will enjoy what you did and you will get to share your pictures and your creativity. I scrapbooked for a couple years and have all our Christmas's in one album and each of my children's birthdays done. I love to look through each of them. Have a great week! Connie

Email me:

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I too love HGTV. My issue is envy in wanting to sell my home (which I cannot afford emotionally, physically, or financially alone), God provide another and I can go hog wild again decorating...well, basically that means painting. I like the decorations I have on my walls so I wouldn't buy new.

I love cereal too; however, it does not fill me up.

I too am very picky at finding the right purse. I just bought one at Penneys. It's a good one but of course I'll want another in about nine months. I like the bigger ones but refuse to buy them because I'll fill them up so I would say mine is more on the smaller side.

Oh, I've played this game before but I chose just to email the answers. Let me see if I can find that email and forward it to you. I don't mean to be a party pooper or rather game pooper but I do want to share my six random things.

That Connie sure is grand for sending you one of hers! :-)
Sweet Blessings.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey Carol,
HGTV is the best. I loved it during the holidays with B.ORIGNAL, and CREATIVE JUICE.
I tried to click on your scrap place to see a closeup of all your coolbeans things, but it wouldnt enlarge. Bummer. It's beautiful what I can see of it! Very purple my friend!