Monday, October 13, 2008

A Realization on the Target Escalator

Yesterday was errands day. Brett and I have been letting things slide lately on the shopping area, and the laundry, so we decided to divide and conquer. Brett says he likes to clean the house, who am I to complain, so I chose the errands. We needed food, and the usual household supplies, you know it's time to shop when you feed your dog a can of chicken noodle soup for dinner, because your out of dog food.

Now as you read from my blog, I'm learning a lot about being who God made me to be and not who the world says I should be. I'm also coming close to my 44th birthday, and so one of the things I struggled with was still wishing I looked 20 something. Okay so I've come to accept that that's just not possible. No matter what cream I buy or what clothes I wear I just don't look like a 20 something.

So while I was in Target by myself (which is rare) I noticed the people around me. I was buying cereal (now you know of my cereal addiction from my previous post) and getting some other items, and a young couple came through both very tattooed, and I smiled and thought I could never pull off a tattoo. Then I heard a couple of girls in the next isle talking about making brownies for all their friends that were coming over to the apartment. Then I saw them, they were little thin girls, and were super excited about having friends over. They were dressed already up real cute, but one said she needed to go home and change out of her grubbies she needed to put on something cute. I thought wow if that's what she looks like in her grubbies, I don't want to think what she looks like all dressed for the party.

Then as I was riding down the escalator, and I saw 3 more girls headed to the make up department. They were wearing I say more of that alternative rebellious look. You know the patches and pins on the purse, and the 2 toned hair blond on top, dark on the bottom. Just watching them was exhausting. I thought that hair style looks so cute on those girls, but it would look strange on me.

I suddenly felt very free in my 40 something mom mode. I was in a sweater, a pair of jeans, and my tennies. I had toilet paper, laundry soap, cereal ;), dog food, and few other items. I wasn't concerned about if my hair was perfect. In fact I recently cut it short because I was so tired of having to make it just perfect every time I walk out the door. Don't get me wrong I'm not planning to become one of those women who just gives up on wearing make up and getting my hair done, I love that stuff. I just felt free knowing that I didn't need to look like something I'm not.

So for the first time as I came down in escalator at Target, I thought to myself I'm so glad I'm not in my 20's anymore. It just looks to tiring, and I don't think I could keep up with all the fashion trends. I love being a wife, and a mom. I love that when get home my family is happy to see me, and my hubby says why don't you go put your cozy's on so you'll be comfortable. I love that my daughter tells me that she thinks I'm beautiful, and that I'm the best mom ever. Most of all I love that I'm finally realizing that God looks at my beauty from the inside out and to Him I'm beautiful.

Have a great Monday.


Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Oh CAROL... this was just awesome.. ~ sigh.. I sooo needed to hear this today. I'm a little a head of you.. I'm a 64 baby. And lately... I'm feelin it! Ugh. Like you, I love hair n makeup but... egads.. no matter what I do... well.. ahem.. let's just say, IT'S NOT WORKING FOR ME. LOL
Think I'll go put "my" cozies on, and enjoy a mixing bowl full of capt crunch.
Just lettin you know... in your blog picture you dont' look a day over 20! TRUE STORY... I don't know what you're talkin about!

Runner Mom said...

Hey, Carol!
Loved your post. I do have a question! Does your Target actually have an escalator??? I am so amazed! Ours in SC only are one floor! but I love that place--so much better tahn WAl-Mart--which I did visit today!

As you closed, the thought was perfect. God does love us just the way we are--from the inside out. That is such a praise!! look awesome! The forties are wonderful! I am thoroughly enjoying them!!

Many blessings,

Paula said...

A great post Carol, and one that I can relate to. I like to look presentable and, although I can 'do' the wrinkles I'm getting, I'm struggling with gravity! But that is how it's meant to be, they way God intended. I looked at some young chickies the other day at work and thought how wonderful it is that I don't have to dress to impress anymore. God doesn't care if we're wearing Walmart, Target or DKNY, as He looks passed that to our heart and our soul.

BTW, I LOVE Target, and am about to have some cereal for lunch, hehe! Paula :-)

Lily said...

what a wonderful epiphany! Thanks I reall y needed that today. Although, you got me in trouble in class. When I read about your dog eating soup I just started cracking up!

Naomi said...

Oh, the Lord loves us in our "cosies", and any old how... and I'm so glad (!!!), so, so glad, that I am not the self-conscious, worry-wort that I'm certain I once was. It IS exhausting looking at the 'youngies' - classic!, can't believe I've just typed that!!! - and what they're up to, and remembering what it was like to be that age. I walk through my son's school that goes all the way up to High School, and I see these teens and their efforts to impress and think "ugh!"... I couldn't go through that again!!!

Naomi said...

And what I wanted to add, but my Husband and his antics have just put me off(!!!), ummmm, where was I... yes, I wanted to thank you for your thoughts and your wise words, and tell you that I agree that you do not look your age, at all!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

You are so precious. What a wonderful insight and blessing to realize the beauty of age.

And what's all this about Target having an escalator? I've never seen that even in the big city of Louisville, KY. We have a two-floored Penney's and Kohl's but not Target. I love me some Target. My local small town only has Walmart. No Target.

HIS Daughter said...

You California Girls :-) My daughter has now become one and may even remain one for a very long time :-(
She is always talking about things that we don't have in our little tiny town in Southwest VA.
I am always quick to tell everyone - I'm not actually "from" here, more like northern VA...near Washington, D.C.

But the truth is I actually have come to love here and being 49 and not worrying about every thing you described that was so exhausting in my younger and even rebellious sinful days.

In California there are alot of beautiful people. When I was there in July or August?? I was amazed at how naturally beautiful women were.

I stopped feeling badly - as soon as I got home :-) My FATHER and I know this area is a sticking point with me.

I either under do it or get into agonizing over weight, etc. That is something that I'm learning with self-control (one of the fruits of the Spirit I need!)

I saw you love make-up too! Oh boy was my downfall buying expensive make-up! Not doing that now either.

Finding a GOD given balance in my life in this area is something I have always needed and now intentionally seek.

Thank you for the reminders of how HE sees us!


Tina said...

Carol.. I found your blog through my dear friend Liz, I soooo can relate and just need to say thanks for posting. I too am aproaching 44 and find it terribly ironic that I spent so much time in my youth zeroing in on each little flaw I never really felt confident in how I looked. I feel more beautiful than ever even though I'm a bit "squishier" shall we say, and I have some wonderful laugh lines that weren't there before lets not even discuss my neck YIKEs! It's still a struggle at times but good to know one that is common to others too.

Connie said...

Carol you are too cute! AND you still look like you are 20! However...I love your last sentence that you realized that God looks at your beauty from the inside out...that is huge to understand. If you keep that will be looking fabulous at 50! We don't have an escalator in any of our Targets...yours must be a BIG one! Have a good week! Connie