Monday, September 29, 2008

Still thinking about truth and authenticity.

It's almost a week later, and I'm still thinking about last weeks Yes to God Study. I went through every ones blog, and was so moved by all of them. It's fascinating really we are I believe 29 or so women from all over the country and 2 ladies in Australia. They all shared their hearts so openly, it was intense. We are all excited about how God is moving in all of our hearts, and sharing this journey together.

It's given me so much to think about. There are points some time where I think, wow did I really share that on my blog. Really I shared with Paula my new friend from down under, that I had something totally different to write. The post you all read though was what God put out of my heart and on to this blog. I said are you sure God, he said yes Carol it's time. The gig is up now, people from anywhere can read that, and through out the week I've had those feelings of fear and rejection. I know that is the evil one just trying to make me feel insecure. It was surprising to me how many of us long for that close friendship, how many of us are afraid that if we let people know what we've been through or the things we've done that we'll be an outcast.

I walked around church this past Sunday, and wondered how many women there are feeling the same way.
I love though how many women shared that they wanted to be closer to God, wanted to be what God wanted them to be, wanted to be used by the Lord for his purpose. I've prayed that too, I long for that too. What is it God has in his plan for me. Right now I think it's just getting me to not be afraid to share what he's saved me from.

So it starts. Tomorrow night is our Family night at church. A function I'll be honest, I did not enjoy the last couple of times we tried to go. I felt uncomfortable finding a place to sit and eat with people, didn't know what to talk about, and then the trying not to share to much in the classes. Brett and I though made a promise to Brinn to go this year. It would be good for all of us. So while Brinn is in her kids program, learning of all things about Truth, Authenticity, Hope and Community (isn't God funny) Brett and I are in a class called Revolutionary Parenting, and we'll get to share just how imperfect our parenting skills are, so pray for us. Oops that's chapter 2 Ms. Perfection in Behind The Eyes

Seriously though, this book has been really cool so far. If your looking for a parenting book to read so it's a good one.

I've done my study work for tomorrows post. I'm not sure yet which parts God will put on my heart to write. I'll be praying for that. Talk with you tomorrow.


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