Friday, September 26, 2008

Health update - Autoimmune Hepatits

Hi I thought I'd sneak in a quick post on my health. I had a blood test on Weds, and on Thursday Dr. F called me and was thrilled. Truth be told, I usually check my email on the morning after my test so I know what it is before he calls me, but I've been so in thought over my bible study say Yes to God and the book study we are doing on Behind Those Eyes, that I completely forgot to check. After all God is in control and me obsessively checking the labs won't change anything.

Anyway, my liver tests numbers have come way down. So quick education for those who don't know the liver test thing. Normal range on a liver tests know as your AST & ALT are between 40 & 60, when the liver gets sick it inflames which makes the numbers go up. So mine have over the years been really high over 3300 at the time I was first diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis. Anyway, they had spiked up in July to over 500, and have been jumping around between 120 to 250 since January. So yesterday they were at 74 & 77. That's really good, and my other critical number billirubins was 1.4 which went down from 2.7. normal is .2 to 1.2.

Doc F. has started to wean me back off the higher does of Prednisone down by 5 mg. and I'll have another test in one month. I'm feeling better now. And I know it's all because of God. I got off the phone with doc praising Jesus, and thanking God.

Doc did give me strict instructions to keep doing what I've been doing. So I am, resting when I'm tired, and sticking to my schedule. I'm also spending more time soaking in God's word and asking God to change me from the inside out. I truly believe it's been God's word, my quiet time with Him, and all the prayers of friends in person and cyberspace that has made this change. I thank God for each and everyone of you.



Anonymous said...

Well, that's the kind of news a girl wants. I'm so pleased for you and I will be praying that you stay well and keep them numbers down...

Can I ask which part of Cali you live in??? My Aunt & Cous are in Fremont. I visited as a 17 year old 21 YEARS AGO!!! How time flies... Anyhoo, I loved the place and have such great mems of my travels.

Hope you are having a wonderful day. I'm off to check your pics out at your other blog... Blessings to you...

Carol said...


Wow how funny I was just on your blog. I'm in Sunnyvale, about 30 minutes from Fremont. I actually lived in Newark, next to Fremont until I was 5.


Lily said...

that's just amazing! Good for you for taking a proactive role