Monday, August 18, 2008

A Good Sunday

Yesterday was a nice day. Church was great, our Pastor John R. was back from the Mt. View campus, and it's always so cool, just like old times seeing him and his wife. We also got to see a friend that we haven't seen in a while, and meet his girlfriend, and we got to love on our friend who's getting ready to send her oldest to college, and she's already missing him. The best part I found out that our old One Another Group (small group/bible study) is still meeting, and we are going back. Brett and I are totally excited. God really answered my prayers today, I wanted to go and just worship and fellowship, and he blessed that, I've been praying for direction to a small group, and he answered that. God is awesome.

Brinn got to spend the day with her bff and so Brett and I took off and went for Breakfast after church. I was still feeling pretty good, and was hungry (yeah) so we went to Stacks in Menlo Park, I had yummy blueberry pancakes. Oh and found that pottery painting place so when I get more umf, I'm going to take Brinn and paint some pottery.

The best part was when Brett said he was enjoying having the regular me right now, and wanted to enjoy it. He said he misses having that on a regular basis, but he understands, it's weird being so disconnected some times. That's the best part you know about being married to your best friend, because they love you all the time. We didn't really do anything else just came home and spent time together, then I wore out and it was time for me to lay down and sleep for a couple hours. Brett worked on his testimony for the college group at church tomorrow night, he'll share about what God's done is his life.

When I woke up later didn't do much, but I am a HGTV fan, and I watched the Summer Star challenge. My favorite Design Star winner won yeah go David, I love his show Color Splash, I would love to have him do my living room.

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Lisa said...

I was so moved by your comment on my blog and came immediately over to yours. It blesses me so much to know I could in any way inspire you, and for you to put me in the same sentence as my good friend, Leslie Nease, I am doubly blessed. Leslie is an amazing woman...we're having lunch next week, as a matter of fact! We'll pray for you before our meal, ok? Promise! :)

I read a few posts back to see what kind of illness you were dealing with. Seems that you have a difficult road to travel with what you are facing. But to honor Him by keeping this blog touches my heart. I am proud of you for taking something difficult and using it for Kingdom glory.

Thank you for visiting me, and may God continue to be with you as you face your challenges. Remember that He sees you...knows you...and you are His beloved.

Take care and keep in touch!
Lisa :)