Friday, June 12, 2009

What's in Your Heart?

Monday night was my daughter's school awards night. I have mixed feelings about the whole awards night thing. I see the positive & negative in it.
Brinn has received different awards for different things most improved in math, most improved in handwriting, Bible Memory verse, but the one that thrills my heart is the fact that she cosistently gets Good Citezenship, in fact she has a stack of them.
That is the award she is holding up from Monday. Brinn however was disapointed because she didn't receive any Academic awards this time.
She said Mom " I always get this, I wanted most improved in social studies." As her mom I can understand and agree she works hard sometimes until 9pm on her homework and studying for tests. She gets A's & B's in most everything with 1 C that pops in just brining her shy of the Honor Roll, this frustrates her to no end. . So what's a mom to do? Every year I watch as Brinn she feels failure not motivation for not getting the academic recgonition she works so hard to get.
This past year Brinn has grown spiritually with the Lord in her understanding of how great God is. So I asked her right before I took this photo, what do you think God looks at? (She was so sad, it broke my heart.) Your knowledge of what year the French & Indian war was or that you respect your teacher, classmates and are known to be a friend to all? Her answer was " how I treat people." So I reminded her that it's not the knowledge we have in our head, but the Love we have in our heart for God and for others. I told her doing well in school is important, but loving others, that Is what is most important to God. Then she smiled and was happy about her award. So far my Brinn's excels in loving others. I'm so proud of her.


Tammy said...

Congratulation. I think that was the most important award you could have received.

Loving others makes God smile!

your mom's friend,

Tina said...


Tell Brinn from me that there are lots of really smart people in the world and that is a good thing to shoot for but there are far fewer really loving caring people in the world and that's what we need most!


grey like snuffie said...

Tell her that you know someone who had a bright daughter...not the highest of all ACT scores in the land...this daughter had a heart for kids that God has given her...the people in an interview for a full ride scholarship heard her heart...she was chosen right away. This daughter had a roommate who ALWAYS got A's, school seemed to come so easy...high scores everything...she was a last minute winner of this same scholarship...God shows the world our hearts and grants us favor because of it. YEAH for working so hard Brinn! God sees and He knows SO MUCH MORE than we silly humans can ever see. Well done!
Even awards at a Christian school (been there done that) are not a true picture of what God sees.
God has a plan for her...already He is at work...keep seeking Him in and get to know Him better...all else that really matters will fall into place.

Paula said...

That is what it IS all about...loving others and showing them Jesus every day through how we treat them (just read about that at Laced with Grace too!). I don't have a high paying job, am not academically blessed when it comes to some things, but in the end it's where my heart lies that is most important. And not what is most important to me, to others, but to God. Great words of advice for Brinn by a very wise mother. Love you, Paula xo

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Very good post. I love how your reminded her what is most important to God. And that, made her smile. Wonderful job, mom.
Wonderful job, daughter.
Love ya, sweets.

Liz said...

Amen, Carol.
It sounds like Brinn is learning. God does look at how we treat people and that remains in God's heart and also remains with those who she treated well much longer than her social studies grade! Encourage her to keep on treating people like they are special (they are) and God will be smiling. We all will.
Hugs to both of you!