Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Little Girl Turned 10 Today / Urgent Prayer for my cousin

***Prayer Request, please pray for my cousin Hugh, he was in a serious motorcycle accient today. It's also his birthday, he's in the hospital having emergency surgery they are trying to save his leg. He also has a broken arm, and broken ribs. Thankfully his head seems to be free from injury and no internal bleeding was found. He and his wife Michelle just got married, please pray strength for her as well****
Today was my sweet Brinn's bithday. Yes 10 years ago I was blessed by God with the gift of a beautiful baby girl. Have I ever told you that Brinn's name has the meaning of Salvation. I picked it out before I even knew the Lord, but God knew. He also knew that my love for my baby girl would bring me to love and finally understand the great gift He sent to us in His son Jesus.

So here she is a newborn (sorry about the photo quality the first few pictures are scrapbook pages, and Brinn was born before I had a digital camera) She weighed in at 8lbs even and 21.5 inches long. Eighteen hours of hard labor, and then an emergency C-Section. She was face up and the cord around her neck, but she came out screaming and then peed on the nurse. (One of Brinn's favorite stories.)

She's about 4 months old in the picture above.

Brinn going to the pool at about 13 months old.

And those everyday moments from about the age of 2.

Then we move on to the age of about 5. Brinn loves the beach.

Brinns many stages of loosing those baby teeth.
So just a few blast from the past with Brinn now to todays event. I picked up Brinn from VBS at church at 12. Brinn was super excited, because she new we were going to take her to lunch, and she'd finally get to open her presents. We've been telling her that we hoped she likes the socks and underwear we got her. She kept saying "you did not get me socks and underwear." (hehe)

This is Brett and Brinn and the Peninsula Creamery in Palo Alto. It's been around since 1928, and as a side not it is not a Weight Watcher friendly menu. So much for my extra points this week. Below is the 3 of us. Brinn just started in on her presents.
Brinn's favorite color is green. She loves it and wants everything in Green. She's been asking for a Nintendo DS for about a year, and finally convinced me that she would actually play it. The part she didn't like was that they don't come in green. Silver, black, red, blue, and pink but no green. So around April sometime Brett and I were in Target (love that place), and low and behold Nintendo brought out a limited addition Green (the exact neon green she loves) DS, and it came with a case and a cooking game. So we bought it and shoved it in our secret hiding place, and waited for her birthday. So the first gifts she opened were her DS, and the two other games we got her. She was so excited, and had it out of the box and playing it before the food arrived.

So here is the next part of the story. On Easter break Brinn decided that she wanted to save up money for an ipod nano. So she started working on filing and different things in my office, when she's been at work with me. She'd saved up $60.00, plus had about another $25.00 or so she'd saved up for. Then she started getting birthday money, and she'd figured out pretty quick that she'd save enough for her ipod. So here is the kicker, Brett had a really big side job, and decided that she'd done a good job saving, so we bought her the green (of course and yes she's spoiled) ipod nano. Brett for the last 2 weeks has been sneaking her CD's in the house and uploading them to her ipod, and then adding some digital copies of movies for it.

So since she was so sure she wasn't getting socks and undies for her birthday, guess what I ran out and got today. Yep socks and undies. So after we ate we asked Brinn is she wanted to open the rest of her presents, she said yes. We usually get her small things like CD's, toys, you know the usuall. But this was her reaction when she opended the first present on the top of the bag.

As Brinn would say "Oh no you didn't" Oh yes I did undies, she was really not happy but, I said look honey they are wedgie proof. .
So the next present was a couple of little cami bras and a tank top. She wasn't quite as upset as she was about the undies. I reminded her that we must be greatful for all things large, small and especially the everyday things we are blessed to have.
Then she opened her next gift which was a S.F. Giants hat girl style. Which she loved. Brinn loves hats, I think she got that from my brother. The hat I wrapped in a dog food box, she looked a bit confused when she saw that. So there was one gift left, I asked her if she liked the hat, "oh yeah mom it's cool, and thankfully it's not socks, I hate socks". This is true, she's never liked them not even as a baby. Brinn would wear flip flops in the rain, she only wears socks, because I make her wear them with her tennies, which she'll only wear if required.
So we pull out the next and last gift. She feels it it's soft and squishy. She says "it's clothes". Well she was half right, then she opened it and found yep socks. "Socks!", then the socks fell open. I had shoved the iPod between the two pairs of socks. She was super excited, sadly my camera froze at the moment, but this one is still a good shot. (see the socks on the table)

So here she is with her new hat, and her iPod, getting ready to watch Phineas and Ferb.

Totaly zoned in walking to the car watching her show.

So what you may ask did she buy with her money. Well she bought a case to protect her iPod and keep it from getting scratched, she bought the new Jonas Brother's CD, and of course what every non girly-girl, buys a second Castle Legos battleship. She still has money left and a couple of gift cards. So we'll see.
What blessed my heart tonight though was when she prayed. We always remind her that everything we have has been gifted to us by the Lord. So tonight she thanked God for her birthday presents, and that He made them in green for her, because He knew that she would like them that way, because you created me and you know everything about me. It was a special day for us, and for Brinn.
Thanks for sharing it with us.


grey like snuffie said...

This was such a fun post...I love the combo of the girly bag I see in her picture and the Legos battleship..COOL GIRL! So fun to see all the pages of her life...and I LOVED the picture of the three of you...

Heather said...

Praying for Hugh.

Love you, and thanks for stopping by! Missed you!


Stacy said...

LOVE Brinn's expression at the undies. I laughed out loud at the wedge-proof. So thoughtful of Brett to buy AND prepare her Ipod---love those ready to be used presents :)

Precious photos. Thanks for sharing. Will continue praying for Hugh. I can't imagine what he and his wife must be going through.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Oh, Carol, so much to say here. This is beautiful. I fall in love with you and your family more every day. It just makes me more faithful to pray that you and Brett hear God saying move East, move East. :-) smiles.

So, how very cool is it that the Nintendo had a special edition in green. God does really care about the details, huh? Now, I see why you have the lime green/pink background. :-) I like green too.

Before I forget, I love the pic of Brinn at 4 months where she seems to have her finger in her mouth and it's pulling her lip down. Sweet.

I love all the pictures. What a sweet and cute family, who need to move East.

Carol, you have confirmed all the more that we really are bffpp...two peas in a pod. I am so much like you or you are so much like me. I love the whole undies thing, gifted in dog food box, hidden in socks. I would put beloved's stuff in tampon boxes. I would always do these things to my step daughter also. The last year together, I put my old mowing shoes in a Nike/Reebox box. She opened it...oh my you shouldl see her face. If I have that picture, I'll send it to you. It might be a pic that beloved has and I can't get. Under the shoes, we put a gift card to a shoe store.
Then, I took a pudding box. In it I put money. I actually even kept the paper bag thing that the mix is in. I glued the pudding box closed so it would look like it was not opened. Priceless. I love doing these things.

Brinn looks cute in a hate.

When you said she never wears sock, I had to stop and remember where you live while you are waiting to hear God tell you to move East.

The green ipod is nice. You nice the Central and Eastern states have more selections of green items. You'd know that if you'd not be ignoring God and listen to Him tell you to move East.

Okay. I love you, sweet one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol! It's taken me far too long to get to you. It was so lovely to read your note to me the other day, and then to read about your girl's special day. Isn't it great how not only can you see your child's development in a scrap page, but you can see your 'scrapper' development too!!! I love the page of Brinn on the beach - gorgeous! She sounds like she had such a fun time celebrating her birthday, and wow, didn't she get some great gifts!!!

I'll be praying for your cousin. I hope that he is healing well and quickly.

And I hope you have been feeling peachy. You look so beautiful in all the photos with Brinn - all that Summer glow that you've got going on over there... I miss Summertime...

Thinking of you... Naomi

Connie said...

Carol...what a beautiful job you have done raising this little one who's growing up too fast. What a special birthday. Thanks for sharing. Hey I just joined fb. I will try to find you.

Miss you, COnnie

Rannyjean said...

You have a beautiful blog. Please update us on your cousin and I will be praying. Please stop by my blog giveaway:

In His Grace

Cindy said...

Hello, I've been away for awhile. Praying that all things are well.
Here is my new blog address:
Blessings, Cindy

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.