Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Brett The Big 30!

Today is my darling husband Brett's birthday. Yes my friends my hubs turned 30 today!. Brinn made (with a bit of assistance from mom) dad his favorite cake. White cake,and white frosting.

She lovingly put the candles in the shape of the numbers 30. And then sang him happy birthday. Brett of course took video of this on his phone. So what did Brett want to do for his birthday. Well as some of you may know Brett has 5 loves in his life. God, His Wife, Brinn, Home Theater, and Star Wars. For those of you didn't know this, the Home Theater is a passion. In fact I have a whole scrapbook dedicated to his home theater as it developed in our life together.
When we moved into our home one of Brett's big things was he wanted a Theater room. So here's one of the pages that shows Brett's theater room in our house. The problem with this was it was small and we could never have more than 3 people over the house. So we rarely had anyone over to watch movies. From a wife's point of view it was ugly. Yes the walls are all padded and it's entirely black.
Recently as God has grown and change Brett's heart so has the way Brett spends his time, and the movies he watches has changed. So now sitting alone away watching a movie is something he doesn't enjoy much. So Sunday night he said "I was thinking about moving the Theater equipment into the living room, what do you think?" My first response was "we won't be putting any black foam on the walls will we?" "No hun" was Brett's answer. Actually I thought it'd be cool, and besides now I've got Brett into the idea of painting the walls in the room so it was a bonus.
So last night the project went underway. This is Brett's idea of a good time, resetting up his theater. He couldn't sleep he was so excited.

So as it stands our "big tv" is now moved out of the living romm and will find a new space in the old theater room. Which will become a tv/game room. (Brett and I don't watch much tv.) Last night by this time all of the theater equipment had taken over the kitchen, and Brett had the screen on the wall.
Today he took the day off work, and pulled 5 speaker cables under the house, mounted speakers, and was coming up with a way to hang his projector from the ceiling. (that was my idea thanks to all those decorating budget shows). We also had to put up a new light fixture in the living room too.

So as it stands right now my darling husband is exhausted, and is taking tomorrow off. The projector is hung, the system plays, and we sampled the first viewing of what else Star Wars Episode 4. I now have a 92" screen on my wall, and the new house projects are mounting. But my darling hubs is happy, and it's pretty cool. Of course I'll post some pictures after everything is done. And for those of you whose hubbies are saying wow honey can we do that, I'm sorry. And in answer to the other man questions, yes he has Blue Ray. Yes we could watch the Super Bowl or the World Series on it, and yes we can even hook up our Wii on it.
So Happy Birthday Honey. I love you!.


grey like snuffie said...

wow, i can't even imagine that big of a screen in a standard room...it must really make it all come alive...Happy dance in celebration of a great hubby!

Gail W. said...

Carol, this was so heart-warming. Thanks for the inside look at a love gone right. Bless Brett as he continues to grow in the Lord; bless his beautiful wife for growing along with him!

Laura said...

How fun! i know what it is like to have my husband's hobbies overtake the home! Isn't it wonderful? Looks like your hubbie still has some work cut out for him!

Enjoy your new living room and game room--and Happy birthday Brett!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

How precious. Love the changes in Brett's desires. How cool is that?!!

I like your kitchen cabinets.

Happy Birthday Brett!!! I love your wife!! She's my bestest bud.

And...you got you there a young pup...I'm 35 so 30 is young!!
Loves yas, Carols.

Heather said...

Oh Carol,
I came over to catch up, and just love your story here...
My hubby would be drooling! :)

Love your hubby's excitement, and your encouragement for him. Trying to do better in that department myself. :)

Love you,

Jen Mc. said...

What a fun, God-inspired story! Happy birthday to Brett from our family!!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your man, and WOW!, what a way to celebrate!!! I will NOT be showing these pics to my husband... no way!!! Not because I'd want to deny him anything, but only because we seriously HAVE NO ROOM. But, boy would he love that... oh, well, I guess he could dream, like i do, about that scrapbooking room that in my head looks remarkably like one in California!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break together... Blessings, Naomi x

Stacy said...

Loving this post, Carol. Happy birthday to Brett!! My husband, Wayne, purchased a HUGE big screen TV with HD and loves it---am just waiting for the flat screen edition :) Happy Easter, sweet friend!