Friday, January 23, 2009

It's time again for Friday Fill Ins

Okay it's time for Friday Fill-Ins
Pop on over to join in on the fun.
Here We Go!
1. Oh, I am so thankful for my family, my friends, to have my job, my home, and more than anything I'm thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
2. I'm making changes, big and little, in my life. Diet, the way I talk to my self, and filling my heart with the words that God would tell me not the things I've been saying to me for too many years.
3. During next 30 days, I"m sticking to my Weight Watchers Plan.
4. $100,000 dollars for a desk, $30,000 for a rug, bonuses of millions given out after they ask for the taxpayers to bail them out, and news people asking what's wrong with these guys,uhm could it be GREED ; are you kidding me??? Sorry this just makes me upset.
5. Right now I'd like to be right here at home with my family.
6. My Laptop is my favorite computer toy, My Cricut is my favorite scrapbooking gadget.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner with friends tomorrow night with a rousing game of Wii bowling, tomorrow my plans include WW meeting, tutoring for Brinn, and helping Brinn build her mission San Luis Obispo and Sunday, I want to go to church, and go for a walk, but will probably be moving Brinn's room around.
Hope you all have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Dear Girl! I've missed you too. Have been thinking of you, and trusting you're well. Thanks for you precious comments on my blog! Have you answered the Australia Day comp questions yet? Off the top of my head, I'm thinking "no", so I just thought I'd remind you, as I don't have you on my little list, and I'd hate for you to miss out on some goodies... Tell Brinn thanks for the compliment re Eli's eyes!!! Takes after his Mother!!! They ARE a dream to look into... Have a fantastic weekend! Wii bowling's a hoot! I make all the people behind jump and go "whoa!" at leat 70% of the time!!! Oh, and you have a Cricut!!! Of course you do... that room of yours is like a scrapbooking shop! Ohhhhhh, why do you live over the Pacific!!! You'd get me cracking on my Mum's 60th album now, wouldn't you! I have 3 weeks to complete it, and I've barely started... I yi yi! Anyhoo, have fun. Blessings to you! N x

Stacy said...

Hi, Carol. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I keep hearing about all of this WII fun. I may have to check in to that when finances allow. Enjoy!

Liz said...

What a great weekend! Wii is so fun...I am saving for a Wii Fit, I hear it is a blast! Wish we could all play a game together, would be loads of fun. Weight Watchers eating has been not so good here. Weigh in is Tuesday for me and I have to start over. ugh.

Laura said...

I hope you had a great weekend, Carol. I've been a little under the weather in the past week and am trying to catch up with everyone. Hope all is well in your world!