Thursday, October 2, 2008

A few of my scrapbook pages

One of my blog buddies (Naomi) asked if I ever posted some of my scrapbook pages. I've done a couple on here but that's it. I've done a ton of pages, but I thought I'd post a few of my favorites. This first page is of you guessed it Third Day. They are my favorite band. There songs have ministered to me at every step of my journey with Jesus. They always seem to come out with a new song that fits my life or my question at the time. This was from the concert when they came to the Flint Center in Cupertino. I was so excited they were coming to our area, we don't get to many Christian Concerts here in the Silicon Valley. Then to top it off one of my other favorites opened for them the David Crowder Band

This is a journal I made for my husband, he wanted something special to write his thoughts on. The picture of Jesus is from a post card for the movie "The Passion" . This is one of my favorite pictures of Brinn, running on the beach. Just the joy in her face, I love how simple things make her smile. She has such a sweet spirit, she's one of those kids will just out of no where say hey mom I love you. No reason, no expectation of getting something, just came to her and she has to tell you.
This is our sweet Brinn and our sweet Nikita (Brinn's furry sister). It's hard to take a picture of Nakita, she has a strange fear of the camera. She's a very quirky dog.
Anyway, I'll post some more on another day. I do love to scrapbook, but haven't taken the time recently. I can feel the urge coming on. The 3 pages I believe are pagemaps one of my my favorite sketch sights. I use a lot of sketches and then tweek them to fit my need, but I'm terrible at keeping track of what products I used and where I got my sketch from if I used one.

Off to bed now. Hope everyone has a blessed day.



The Fry's said...

Carol, your layouts are very nice and I really like the small journal. Thank you for sharing your creations!


Kelly said...

Love your scrapbook pages, Carol and your pages of your daughter are really lovely!
Thanks for visiting me too at my blog...I am glad you liked my story about Mary. I read it to my mom and stepdad yesterday and cried while I even read it (and that was after crying while writing it!)

Anonymous said...

Carol, these pages and your Husband's journal are wonderful! Oh, now I really wanna come play... I love the 'pink' on Brinn's page with her Puppy! Do you have many albums on the go, or do you stick to one album at a time?... I'm looking forward to reading your take on Chapt 3. Blessings to you, Dear Girl...

Anonymous said...

I've left your page up while I've gone off and done things around the place... and what I remembered I wanted to mention was... I LOVE THIRD DAY!!!

Laura said...

These are so beautiful, Carol! You have a gift for composition. I am ashamed to say that I am not so talented at recording our special memories. I have saved a lot of photos and memorabilia for "when I have more time." I'm sure you know that day will never come!
Keep recording these special times, you will not regret it.
P.s. I love love love Third Day!!

Lisa said...

I just happened to be on my blog when your comment popped up...and I didn't want to wait to respond. I love that you read the chapter twice and saw two different things. Isn't that what God does with all of us truth that looks different depending on what lens we look through? Wow. I am so excited to blog on Friday about this confidence issue again, but in a much different way. More than anything, my prayer is that these chapters -- this book -- will get us to start opening up our heart... praying about things...that we have not wanted to look at for so long. I pray we will crave truth, no matter how much we wish we could hide it or deny it. I pray we will have discussions with each other as sisters in Christ -- open and honest and REAL discussions about our struggles and the grace and love of God that helps us journey through them. I sense in you such a desire to be genuine. And I share that desire with you, my friend. Keep running towards truth!

Lisa :)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Great scrapbook pages. I'm not into making scrapbooks just because of the time involved. However, I LOVE things that look like scrapbooks. I have two frames I bought from Hobby Lobby that look like scrap books.

I love the idea of a journal with a scrapbook cover. That is presssshhh-uuusss. I mean precious! And, your hubby gets to think of you every day when he writes in it.

Hope you are okay. I've seen your Yes to God post.